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TECHEN supplies LED street lamp for the first time

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TECHEN Co.,Ltd was selected finally as LED street lighting supplier for demonstration by the Korea Highway Corporation
Recently, the Korea Highway Corporation will sign a contract about LED street light with TECHEN and will proceed delivery of goods and contruction work since this week.
The pilot installation of LED streetlights business project from 2013 in order to promote the construction of the road to the new road 30% of the lighting LED lighting should be designed to establish performance criteria and selection procedures for the introduction of the LED streetlights. Quantity is 34 and it installed YangPyeong bridge(915m) from YeoJu to YangPyeong
This is the first time that the actual road construction on the highway applies to the LED streetlights. Therefore, TECHEN becomes first company which supply LED street lamp in the Korea Highway Corporation among national LED lighting company.
Selected how
The Korea Highway Corporation organized Evaluation Commission which inside and outside expert participate to select company which supply LED street lamp.

Manufacturing company's products differ performance and design.
So, they judged that they need outside expert's estimation to evaluate fairly.
The Korea Highway Corporation selected 9 companys which pass the first estimation among 58 LED street lighting manufacturer which is registered in the Supply Administration of the Korea.
And, they estimated performance of each products, price, design, , evenness evaluated brightness, future standardization possibility synthetically.

Korea Highway Corporation's official said "We tried to verify performance of companies, and promise fairness".
▲ Who company is techen ?
Techen is a company which solve a shortcoming of LED lighting at once for diversion of conception.
This company escaped way that heat transfer is achieved in copper that is plated to Via-hole of existing FR4 PCB to replace expensive Metal PCB.
And, she progressed study that improves properties of matter and mechanical structure and heightens heat conductivity.
Finally, she developed 'A metal thermal conduction pin insertion style protection gainst heat technology for power LED lighting', and was lowered cost with efficiency elevation because applies this to all product.
This technology is getting estimation which is epoch-making enough to global LED lighting companies make greed.
Techen acquires high efficacy certification for LED street light to No 1(130W), 2(80W), 3(100W), 4(120W), 5(150W) from Energy Management Corporation at industry first to tech thanks to this product competitiveness.

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